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EDI (Electro-DeIonization)
Electrodeionization has become the process of
choice to meet the needs of many industries
requiring pure deionized water.
Its intrinsic operation offers:
  • continuous non-stop supply of DI water
  • eliminates on-site chemical handling and
    associated manpower/equipment
  • eliminates chemical corrosion on
    building/equipment structure
  • save space, smaller foot-print without the
    need for chemical storage/pump
  • eliminates risk/hazard to environment and
  • "dry" floor operation
Iontech EDI modules are designed with
enhancement over existing reputed brands in
Electro-deionization modules.

To demonstrate that our EDI can consistently
deliver peace-of-mind reliability and superior
performance, we are prepared to offer
(terms and conditions apply) for
process installation in general electronics,
pharmaceutical, power plants and laboratory

Iontech EDI modules are factory tested to
meet strict industry standard before shipment.
Iontech EDI (Electro-Deionization) modules
Enhancement over Ionpure/E-cell EDI module, improved protection, ease of installation/handling